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Who is Beit Maroun

5 Maronite priests Father Elias Maroun Gharios, Fr Tanios Ghossein, Fr Pierre Mater, Fr Jean Ayoub and Fr Maroun Sassine share the same passion and love for our Lord Jesus Christ, preaching the word of God and serving his children. These priests have chosen to follow a more traditional path in serving the Lord.

The religious life of the monks is the heart of the church. When the heart is pure then the church is pure. Within our community we feel as if our church is wounded. At Beit Maroun they are called to revive the wounded heart and they do this by living as genuine religious priests.

The original Beit Maroun was a home for the whole community as there was no distinction between the monks and the lay people. With the church now being empty they are adopting the same traditions.

Beit Maroun will be built by the community, for the community, a place where the joyous, tired, hurt and addicted come to be nourished by the word of God and enhance their spiritual life.


Where is it Located?

Majdaloun located South West of Baalbek Lebanon

Which is not traditional a Christian area.


What’s their Mission?

The mission of Beit Maroun is not only to be preaching in the Muslim areas but also to preach to the lost Christians. As monks they will be bringing Christ to the heart of every single person.  Their charism is not in apostolic work but purely to Preach the word of God, through adoration, confession, bible studies and building a retreat centre to target the youth and families.


 What will the funds be used for?

QMHR will be raising funds to assist paying off the land purchased for the new order of “Beit Maroun” and to commence construction of the following;


1. Beit Maroun Church

2. Monastery

3. Monks hermitage

4. Retreat Centre for youth and families.

5. Spiritual healing centre (Addictions, drugs etc...)


This is not for the monks alone but for the community in order to build the kingdom of God in the heart of the people.

The monks main focus is not to gain financial support but is to serve in the house built by the community. 

A message from the monks “If the community does not prayer with us then we have achieved nothing, it is easy to build a house and buy a land, but it very difficult to build a house in the heart of the people”